Barry Nelligan - Leabrook Place


It has taken Barry Nelligan three of the five months he has been at Leabrook to come to terms with his move from his home in Wattle Park.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like the place; “All I could see was I was loosing four extra rooms of space”, he explained “But when I brought things into perspective I realized I didn’t use half those rooms anyway”.

After three years of recurring ill health Barry knew, in the back of his mind, he would not be able to stay in his home for much longer. As he said, “You don’t always worry about yourself but everyone else worries for you and you can become a burden”. So he sat down and went through a whole lot of leaflets he had collected at a living expo. “I found Pauline’s card and rang her to see if there was anything available at Leabrook, she had a couple of units, I chose one then procrastinated so long I missed out! I asked her to keep me in mind. Next time something came up I grabbed it with both hands.”

“Now that I have settled down I am really enjoying being here, it seems as if a load has been taken off me and interestingly my health has improved remarkably.

“I can’t get over the friendliness of the place; the staff are delightful, I have never heard a cross word from anyone in the whole time I have been here. They are all very caring and that makes you feel at home.

“A lot of people who live here have said to me if they had known about this place ten years ago they would have made their moves earlier. I can now see their logic because quite frankly if I had known just how good Leabrook Place is I would have certainly made my move earlier.”