Joan Harford - in her daughter's words

My daughter, Katie and I decided Mum needed a bit of a change in her surroundings so bought her lots of new and modern furniture and decorated her unit with all the bright colours we thought she would like. Unfortunately the day she moved in, she was quite sick, but as she slowly watched her new apartment come to life, she was very excited.

Prior to moving into The Glenbrook, Mum and Dad had lived in Echunga for 14 years and they had many lovely friends up there and enjoyed the community spirit a country town offers.

I know she feels The Glenbrook is very similar to this and I have enjoyed watching her partake in many of the activities that are offered to the residents.


From a personal view, I could not be happier with Mum being a resident at The Glenbrook. The safety and companionship that is offered is wonderful. I know I don’t have to worry about her being frightened in her unit, and there is always some-one to talk to in the passage way.

There are many times when I go to pick her up and she is chatting happily to someone else at the doorway. The Friday night “fish night” is something she looks forward to as is the bbq night and of course who could forget happy hour. These are all things that are offered that make the evenings a bit different and are what is looked forward to and talked about.

When we decided the best option for Mum was to move into The Glenbrook, my In-laws were involved in a car accident which resulted in the passing of my Father-in-law. They had lived in Birdwood and due to her injuries; my mother-in-law was unable to move back to their farm.

It was a perfect opportunity to have both of them together, as they had known each other for 40 years and are good friends. It also made it a lot easier for me and my husband as well as our children to visit both of our Mums in the one location. Knowing they have each other to call on if needed is also a great comfort for us.

I have found the staff at The Glenbrook to be wonderful towards Mum and it is great to know if something like the washing machine is leaking, there is always someone available to help her solve the problem.

She has been so happy since moving 12 months ago and I know it has given her a new lease of life and I am sure extended her life a great deal.’

~ Sue Dunn, daughter of The Glenbrook resident Mrs Harford