Omega Communities proud sponsor of 2016 Stars in the Garden event.

Omega Communities are delighted to announce our sponsorship of the 2016 Stars in the Garden event that supports the excellent work of Youth Opportunities. The fundraising event is hosted by Keith Conlon and is attended by business leaders from across South Australia and raises much needed funds to enable Youth Opportunities to deliver a powerful training program to year 10 students throughout the state.

The young people receiving the program are having problems dealing with self-doubt, an absence of direction and lack of motivation, an inability to deal with anger, bullying, a feeling of not belonging, depression, breakdowns in family relationships or fear about what their future holds. The program provides the kind of guidance and life skill training that is not always readily available for young people and it enables so that they can make positive choices for their future.

The program has achieved excellent results and Omega Communities are very proud to be associated with this positive initiative.