Pat Washington - The Glenbrook

After her husband died Pat Washington tried to make a go of staying put in their large family home but when her canine companion of some 16 years had to be put down that was it for Pat. “I was lonely and just didn’t feel safe any more”, she said.

"A friend of my husband’s knew I wasn’t happy and offered to take time off work and take me around to look at retirement villages. We started off at The Glenbrook – looked at five other places and I ended up back at the first one I saw because I really liked it”. Pat has now been at The Glenbrook for ten months and thinks it’s just lovely.

Adelaide has had such a cold, wet and windy winter so far that Pat is sure some of the large old trees that were in the garden of her family home would have blown down at some stage. “Now I don’t have to worry about the weather and I can go to bed at night feeling safe and secure.

“We are in such a nice area here and there are plenty of things to do every week if you want to. Although Pat has a very well appointed kitchen in her apartment she is really enjoying being able to go down to the dining room when she feels like it and have a meal cooked by someone else! “I have cooked for long enough”, she said. “And you find you can’t be bothered doing much cooking when you are on your own. It just doesn’t seem worth it”.

Pat is quite adamant when she says, “I certainly wouldn’t want to go back to being on my own again. Here you can go for a walk and you will always find someone to talk to. I really love it here It beats being lonely”.